Top 3 Best Coffee Shops in Mississauga

You're probably reading this asking yourself - "why would an SEO agency write a blog about coffee shops?", and the answer is pretty simple. We survive off coffee, and due to the fact that we drink so many cups a day we felt compelled to showcase our top 3 cafes in Mississauga.

Starting with our most frequented of them all.

Back Road Coffee Roasters

We've been going to this cafe for the last 3 years regularly and it truly never disappoints. These people are so attentive to detail and usually they have 3 staff members behind the counter at all times. Their head barista has competed in many barista tournaments and they have won countless awards for their skills in pulling perfect shots and combining it with perfect latte art.

They have a beautiful roasting facility in the back of their cafe as well as a bottling facility for their coffee concentrates and their cold brews that they extract on site.

Back Road is located close to Hurontario and LakeShore and they are 100% worth the visit. Expect to wait in line as it gets busy often, at times with the line up reaching the sidewalk.

Backroad Coffee Website

Mini Website Audit

Having analyzed their website there are a few mistakes that I noticed. Missing <H1> tag on the home page as well as a missing meta description which Google uses to determine what the page is about.

PageSpeed Insights indicate that their desktop performance is excellent while their mobile performance is severely lacking. This can be reversed by reducing the impact of third-party code, minifying JavaScript, avoiding large layout shifts, and minimizing main threadwork among others.

They also are missing a blog section on their website which could get them ranking for a wider range of keywords.

Nonetheless we are huge Back Road fans and we will continue recommending this cafe to our clients as well as our friends.

Page Speed performance for Back Road Coffee Roasters Website

Terminal 3 Coffee Roasters

Another super cute cafe that we fell in love with over the last year is Terminal 3. Yes, we know its not in Mississauga, but its REALLY close by - so we decided they get to join our list as we love them so much. They have a small roaster on site right next to the barista counter and if you get lucky you may even catch them roasting while you're picking up your coffee.

They have killer pastries (not literally), amazing hot chocolate, and a variety of specialty grade single origin coffees to choose from.

Terminal 3 is located on Lake Shore Blvd W, 3 minutes east of the Long Branch GO station.

Terminal 3 Coffee Roasters Website Home Page

Mini Website Audit

Analyzing their homepage we discovered a few things worth mentioning. Their heading 1 tag is an image but an <H1> is a text formatting tag and an image isn't text. Since search engines and screen readers can't read an image, there's no reason to use text formatting on it. The word count on the homepage is low (298 words) and we recommend that number to be closer to the 1000 word mark. We noticed they have a blog that they update regular which gets them a two thumbs up in that category.

PageSpeed Insights indicates that their desktop performance is almost perfect, while their mobile performance is underperforming. This can be resolved by reducing unused CSS, properly sizing images, minimizing main-thread work and reducing JavaScript execution time among others.

With that being said, we highly recommend Terminal 3 Coffee Roasters and promise you will be delighted to have found them once you give them a try.

Page Speed insights for Terminal 3 Coffee Roasters

Fair Grounds Cafe & Roastery

Last but definitely not least we have Fair Grounds Cafe located close to Ogden and Lakeshore. A local staple that promotes fair trade coffee practices and serves cups of espresso that deliver a punch.

They have two locations, one being in Mississauga and the other in Etobicoke. This place can get very busy especially on a weekend but the great thing is that they have ample seating and lounging areas.

They have a roastery on site, and more often than not they are roasting up some amazing organic coffee beans inside the cafe.

Fair Grounds Coffee Website

Mini Website Audit

Having analyzed the home page we've discovered very minimal things that need to be addressed. Their title tag and meta descriptions are done well. Unfortunately they have two Heading 1 tags and low word count on the home page.

Their desktop performance is a pass at 80% (could be better), but their mobile performance is sitting at a 59% but there is hope. By eliminating render-blocking resources, serving images in next-gen formats and reducing unused CSS we can bump up that number to a pass.

Nonetheless Fair Grounds remains a staple in the community and we're positive they will be here for years to come ensuring our community remains caffeinated.

Page Speed Insights Fair Grounds Coffee


In conclusion, these coffee shops come highly recommended for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, they consistently deliver exceptional quality coffee, showcasing a deep understanding and passion for the craft of coffee making.

Their commitment to sourcing the finest beans, coupled with skilled baristas who take pride in their work, ensures that each cup is a flavorful and memorable experience. Additionally, these establishments often provide inviting atmospheres that foster community and relaxation, making them ideal spaces for both work and leisure.

Lastly, their innovative menus, which often feature unique and creative drinks alongside classic favorites, cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Overall, these highly recommended coffee shops offer more than just a beverage; they offer an experience that delights the senses and enriches the soul.

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