Should Your Website Be Mobile Friendly?

Should Your Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

Is your website keeping up with the times, especially on mobile devices?

Let's chat about something crucial for your online presence – the mobile-friendliness of your website. Picture this: your website looks awesome on a computer screen, but does it maintain that same charm when viewed on various devices?

Do your images and text adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes? And let's not forget, how many of your visitors are checking out your site on their smartphones? If any of these questions made you nod in agreement, you're in need of a mobile-friendly website.

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

So, what exactly is a mobile-friendly website, you ask? It's a website that's like a shape-shifter, adjusting its appearance and asset sizes based on the screen size it's being accessed from – think smartphones, tablets, and other nifty handheld devices. You might also hear it referred to as 'responsive website design.

When you're building a website, ensuring it's mobile-friendly is a game-changer, and it's worth discussing with your web developer. Not only does a mobile-friendly design enhance user experience, but it also earns brownie points with search engines like Google.

What's the Difference? Mobile Friendly, Optimized or Mobile Responsive?

How Many People Are Searching For Websites On A Mobile Device?

Now, let's talk numbers. Did you know that more than half of all internet searches are done from mobile devices these days? As smartphones become more affordable and accessible, the number of people browsing on them is skyrocketing. Desktop searches are slowly taking a backseat.

Ignoring the need for a mobile-friendly website is a misstep many companies make when diving into online advertising.

Internet Traffic from Mobile Devices (Jan 2024)

Why Do Mobile-Friendly Websites Matter?

So, why should you care about a mobile-friendly user experience? Well, think of it as a gateway to more sales, longer time spent on your site, increased product browsing, more signups to your email list, repeat customers, and a stellar first impression on new visitors.

That's just the tip of the iceberg; the perks extend to easier maintenance, better SEO ranking, and increased user trust.

Consider this: people are glued to their phones during downtime, commutes, or daily tasks. Whether it's scrolling through social media, playing games, or doing research, the time spent on phones can range from hours to just a few seconds. If someone visits your website during this time, they shouldn't struggle to view your content – no pinching or swiping required.

Mobile searches differ from desktop ones in terms of user behavior. Mobile users are often multitasking, on the go, and have a shorter attention span compared to someone leisurely reading at a desk. Your website needs to cater to this, offering a seamless experience, regardless of screen size.

What Makes A Website Mobile-Friendly?

What makes a website truly mobile-friendly, you ask? It's not just about resizing text and images; it's about creating a whole new version of a page for smaller screens, optimizing files for mobile data efficiency, and ensuring a consistent experience across all devices.

When designing, remember: visual assets should scale, limit columns on smaller screens, optimize images and scripts, and avoid requiring visitors to zoom in to read text.

Mobile-Friendly Websites And SEO

Now, let's delve into the world of SEO. Google, the ruler of all things search, declared in 2015 that mobile-friendly design is a top-ranking factor in its algorithm. Fast forward to 2024, and it's still a heavyweight in the world of search rankings. Google even gifted us the Page Speed Insights tool, which evaluates a website's mobile-friendliness and dishes out a score out of 100. Websites with high mobile scores tend to shine brighter in search results.

Should You Optimize Your Website For Mobile?

Thinking of optimizing an old, non-mobile-friendly website for SEO? Hold that thought! If there are no plans to revamp it into a mobile-friendly version, you might just be throwing time and money down the drain.

For eCommerce, not being mobile-friendly can literally cost you money with every ad click. Imagine a potential customer landing on your site, ready to make a purchase, only to leave frustrated due to a clunky mobile experience. It doesn't just affect ad performance; it sends negative signals to search engines, hurting your organic search ranking.

The good news? It's never too late to join the mobile-friendly revolution. There's a treasure trove of tools, SEO resources, and tutorials to guide you through the process. Explore our blog for more insights into responsive, mobile-friendly website design and other online marketing gems.

If you're on the lookout for a digital marketing team that can handle all things related to your online needs from A to Z, we can help. Drop us a line or book a consultation.

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